Coworking spaces in the heart of Riccione

Our Coworking philosophy

We are increasingly convinced that cooperation is an important value in our society at this time. We will have to move more and more towards environmentally friendly models and we, in our own small way, are trying.

We like the idea of being able to provide a solution to those who need space to work, to be shared with other people, helping to create a collaborative environment, sharing ideas and spaces.

Who was it designed for? 

For professionals, businesspeople, start-ups, freelancers and anyone who needs a separate space for their work without having to worry about comfort and services.

Those who want to create synergy with other coworkers can do so here, because together it will be possible to build a network of contacts and experiences, something much more complex in a single office where individuality often prevails.


Meeting room max 12 people:

  • € 10,00 – 1h / € 30,00 half day / € 50,00 full day

Coworking area:

  • € 10,00 – 1h / € 30,00 half day / € 50,00 full day

Meeting room max 60 people:

  • € 25,00 – 1h / € 60,00 half day / € 100,00 full day

Stalls room max 25 people:

  • € 20,00 – 1h / € 50,00 half day/ € 80,00 full day